Meeting my boyfriend’s family

by Annonymous on October 29, 2012

I’d been going out with my boyfriend for about a month, when his parents invited me round for dinner. Whilst at his house, he was using the toilet and I thought it would be funny to take his jar of money and treasured comics, put them in a random plastic box I found, hide it and watch him freak out. I am a bit of a prankster and practical joker and he is quite laid back so I thought he’d be cool about it. Unfortunatley as I ran down the stairs with the box preparing to hide it in the kitchen cupboard, his parents came out of their room, which shocked me so I tripped and all the money and comics fell out of the box by the front door, and my boyfriend came out of the bathroom as he and his parents were staring at me. It looked like I was trying to steal his things! Then to make things worse- as I was explaning that it was meant to be a joke his parents told me i’d better leave, and as I did so I still had some coins in my pocket that fell out from when I was trying to put them back in the jar. Needless to say, we broke up as his parents didn’t want him dating a theif.

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Satellite installer

by Annonymous on July 1, 2012

Well I ordered Directv for my house and I had to go to work so I asked my friend if she cared to come over to wait for the installer. He wasn’t due for another couple of hours but my friend was already there. I went to get ready for work and take a shower. The bathroom is right off my bedroom u have to go through bedroom to get to it.

After my shower I dried off and put my towel around my head. I always put my clothes on my bed and change in my bedroom because my bathroom is so small that u can barely move. I opened the bathroom door and walked out butt naked. I didn’t see him at first because he was kneeled down. I had my back to him putting lotion on my legs and when i turned around there he was. He must of got a good show for about five minutes of me applying lotion and bending over and never said nothing. I just yelled and ran in the bathroom and asked him to leave.

After I got dressed i came out and him and my friend were laughing, I think she set me up but she denies. I went to work and told everybody and they laughed.

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No Shower Privacy

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